Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby = Time Suck

So I know it's been like, forever, since I last posted.  I decided to take April off since I wasn't doing A-Z, and good thing too because I have been going crazy out of my mind with all this baby business.

Mini Monster will be gracing us with her presence in just one short, panic-inducing week!

And seriously guys, I totally forgot how much you have to do to get ready for a new human being to take over your house.  I have barely have time to write, let alone blog.

I have no idea where the past 9 months went- honestly I think my belly swallowed them up.  But here we are, and there is no turning back.  Little Monster is uber excited and is so hyper it's exhausting.  I thank my lucky stars every day that she's 6, almost 7, and can do her own thing while I take a nap or curl up on my bed and cry from one of the many excruciating preggo pains I've been cursed blessed with.  She is so sweet, she even rubs my back when I'm not feeling well.

Anywho, I miss you guys and hopefully I can hop around today and see how you all are doing!  Obvs my posting will be sporadic at best in the coming months.  I really won't have much to talk about anyway except poop, baby vomit, and my lack of sleep.

So cross your fingers, wish me luck and send some good vibes my way!  I'll be seeing you around!

P.S. Dude, I'm gone for a month or two and all of a sudden blogger is like, totally changed!  What do you think of the *new* blogger?