Monday, January 14, 2013

Canadian Zombie Babies

Two of my favorite things all rolled into one cute little 7 month old package? Yes please!

Oh hi! *waves frantically from Babyland*

So it's been a while...and um, you totally deserve an update. Because, well...I miss you guys! But I'm having so much fun with Mini Monster, the time has just flown by and now she's almost 8 months old! And it's been forever and ages since I've blogged!

So here is my fun semi-annoying probably-only-cute-to-me anecdote for the day:

Mini Monster is finally "crawling". But she looks like a zombie crawling from its grave when she does. She pulls herself along with her left elbow, belly on the floor, and then propels herself forward by slapping her right hand on the floor. Her legs are two completely lifeless lumps, dragging behind her. So it sounds kinda like this:

Swish, slap, draaaag....Swish, slap, draaaag....Swish, slap, draaaag....

All the while she's going, "eh?" "eh?" "eh?"

Hence the Canadian Zombie Baby. I can totally hear her coming from the other room even if she's not "talking".

Imagine yourself doing dishes at the sink, the baby happily playing in the living room. Or so you think. Suddenly it gets real quiet in the house. You pause, turn off the water and cock your head. Did you hear something?

Swish, slap, draaaag...

Must be your imagination. Just as you are about to turn the water back on, there it is again!

Swish, slap, draaaag...Swish, slap, draaaag...Swish, slap, draaaag...

You turn around and-

EEEEE! It's the Canadian Zombie Baby coming to munch on your feet! NOM NOM NOM!

"Eh?" she asks all sweetly while looking up at me, drool dribbling down her chin.

...Or is it blood?

Oh you can't fool me, Canadian Zombie Baby, I know what you're really here for...


Anywho, I think I may be spending a little too much time with babies, talking to myself in my head.

But my days aren't filled with just Canadian Zombie Babies. I have gone back to work at the library, and am also deep in the query trenches with my current YA fantasy (having a baby kinda delays things a little). Plus I'm working on my WIP, another YA fantasy, but with more juicy bits of romance. About 35k into that. Oh and Little Monster's competition gymnastics season has started, so our days have been filled with hours of practice and traveling to meets on the weekends. Oh and she's like, 7 1/2 now which is short for Justin Bieber's GF. (I swear I wasn't into stuff like that till I was like, 20...but whatevs.)

But enough about me and my Monsters! What about you?? What have you been up to while I've been going baby and query crazy?