Aspiring Author Interviews

I'll archive all of the aspiring interviews I do here, so you can have quick access if you want to read them.

I have a few rules I've had to establish over the course of doing these fabulous interviews:

Right now, I'm only interviewing aspiring YA authors.  I am a YA writer, so naturally, I'd like the content to be mostly YA.

I am going in the order in which I have gained followers.  So down the line, from my first follower to my last.  If you have an email attached to your blog/profile I will email you.  If not, I may have to skip over you.

If you'd like to be interviewed and meet my criteria you can email me and I will consider you.  But I have to do some research of my own to make sure everything will be appropriate for my readers.

I have a specific set of questions I ask, so that is what I will send.

Thanks for making these interviews so much fun!

Andy Thompson
Colene Murphy
Maggie Osborn
Angela Darling
Jennie Bailey
Anne Kenney
Jen Daiker
Lisa Galek
Melissa Wideen
Michelle Merrill
Lydia Kang
Jenni Merritt
Rachel Morgan
Brad Jaeger
Erica and Christy