About Me

Born in New Jersey, and now living smack-dab in the middle of the country, I'm a single mother of a 9 year old obsessed with Lady Gaga and gymnastics, and a 2 year old obsessed with cats. I am also a shush-er at our local public library. I have a degree in Religious Studies (and no, I never wanted to go into the Seminary), and a minor in Communications even though I'm terrified to speak in public. My house usually barely passes sanitation codes, and I rarely cook. Writing is my passion (well, and sleeping...but I can't really make a living doing that), and I try to find time for it in between ignoring my children, staring blankly at social media, and goofing off at work. I pretty much exclusively read YA fantasy, so naturally, I write adult mysteries. No, just kidding. I dream about the day my YA fantasies will get published and speak to teens (and adults!) as my favorite books did (and still do) to me.