Monday, July 11, 2011

Deathly Hallows Week!

It's finally here!  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 comes out on Friday!  Can you believe this will be the last Harry Potter movie EVER?  Its been a long but fun road, but we always knew it would end.  Makes me a little verklempt just thinking about it.

All the stars looked simply dashing at the Premier the other night:

Photo Credit

And OMG, Neville has a HOT girlfriend!  Good for him!  I love him!

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And of course, Jo was there in her um...floral comforter.

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If you want to read more about the premier and see the rest of the stars just click on the any of those photo credits above!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the movie, several bloggy buddies and I have decided to dedicate our blogs to all things Harry Potter this week!  Please clicky on everyone's links to find loads of fun HP stuff!

Lisa Galek
Melissa Sarno
Laurel Garver
Colene Murphy
Jen Daiker
Melissa Wideen
Michael Di Gesu
Renae Mercado

First off:

Lisa Galek is having a contest! She is SUPER cool and is spending the week at the Leakycon 2011 convention at Harry Potter World in Florida!!  She gets to watch HP7 with all the other crazy HP fanatics Thursday at midnight.  SO jealous.  Plus I think some of the prizes will be some cool loot from HP World itself!

I'm a judge for the contest so make those entries count!

For a little light reading (as Hermione would say) go HERE to read some fun articles from the Hogwarts student-run paper Thestral Gazette.  My Abby Gabby piece is included, so make sure to check that out.

And lastly, E! online is running an awesome Twi-Potter Tournament in which they put a person from Twilight against a person from Harry Potter.  Each day you can vote as to who would win their duel.  (I mean, it's totally obvious to all of us who would win...but it's fun to see who they pit against each other.)

So tell me, friends.  What has been your favorite HP movie so far? (just movie- we'll cover the books another day)

For some reason I keep going back to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.  Even though Harry is shunned for the first half of the  movie, the end with the prophecies and the fight between Voldy's Death Eaters and The Order is just so awesome.  And then the super cool Yoda/Vader fight between Dumbledore and Voldemort just blows me away every time.  Although I'm anticipating part 2 on Friday will give it a run for its money.

**P.S. I will be traveling back home from Chicago on a train all day so I will have zero internet access :(  I promise I'll catch up on blogs tomorrow!
P.P.S. 10 hour train ride = awesomeness.
P.P.P.S. Oh wait, no it doesn't.


Laurel Garver said...

Oh, hooray, another fan of Neville! I plan to do a post this week on why I love him. ;-)

I think my favorite of the films is still Prisoner of Azkaban. I just love how Harry finally has some parent figures who really care for him--his Dad's old pals Remus and Sirius. And the time travel aspect is just so awesome too. I also especially loved the director's aesthetic sense--his use of color, setting up shots, etc to create a more sophisticated look without losing the sense of fun.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Geeks always seem to get hot women. Don't know how! Guess we should just feel lucky women don't go just for looks, right?

Renae said...

Great pics! I can't believe the final installment is here already!

Madeline Bartos said...

Neville Longbottom. It just doesn't get cooler than that. ;) Have fun on the 10 hour train ride! Whoo!

Colene Murphy said...

Holy crap! He DOES have a hot girlfriend! Good for him! lol. But, agreed, it doesn't get much cooler then Neville who turns it out in the end! (I was a little let down by the comforter dress, too! Oh well, she's always amazing no matter what she wears)

erica and christy said...

You guys are so funny with all this mania! I hear so many huge fans talk about how great Prisoner of Azkaban is (at least the movie), but to me that's my least favorite. Of course I love Sorcerer's Stone (sorry, I probably spelled that wrong) because it was so innocent and fun, but my favorite is Goblet of Fire. Lots of action and the emotions run strong...

Jennie Bailey said...

I would laugh if that is actually Neville's mom. She looks a bit older than him. Not THAT much older, though. Just "way to go, Neville!" old, if that makes any sense. And Emma's dress is gorgeous! She's such a fashionista!

Jen Daiker said...

Wow Neville really did get a hottie didn't he! GO HIM!

Hahahahahahaha "Her comforter" that's hilarious!!! *giggles*

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Abby,

Terrific pics on the red carpet. I hope you had a safe trip home.

Hart Johnson said...

I spent a couple hours last night and this morning watching the red carpet premiere stuff... MAN does this all make me weepy and sentimental. These books have changed me.

Thanks for the heads up on the contests and links! And safe travels to you! (I will be at a 12:20 show with my kids who have outgrown me in most domains, but are THRILLED to go to a midnight Harry Potter with me)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Seriously, who's the hot guy that took over Neville's soul? WOW!

Yeah... unfortunate dress on Jo.

Awesome post, Abby. Between you and Colene, I'm now vibrating with anticipation!

Laura Marcella said...

LoL, Jo does look like she's wearing a comforter!!! Maybe she made it herself? She could be venturing into new creative territory, hahaha. I say, stick to writing, Jo! :)

Neville got sooo cute!

Nicki Elson said...

Haha, hope that train ride wasn't too awful---and I hope you had a mahvelous time in the Windy City. :) The pictures are great, and I agree w/ you on Order of the Phoenix. Although I really loved Deathly Hallows Part I. And Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of see where this is going, right?

alexia said...

Happy and sad all at once! Um, Prizoner of Azkaban is my fave movie. Love time travel stuff.