Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interview With Aspiring Author Maggie Osborn

Today's interview is with Maggie Osborn over at The Juniper Breeze is Blowing In.  She is a passionate Junior in high school whose blog has wonderful things like author interviews, music recommendations, and all around cool stuff about books and anything to do with writing and of course...books.

Thanks for doing this interview Maggie!

When did you realize you wanted to be an author?
You know, my answer is super lame, but I don't really know. I started reading back a couple years ago--sometime just before my freshmen year--and it was soon after that that I started writing. I first did fanfiction, and then, after my friend showed me her first serious story, I realized that teens do write. And not just silly stories using others' characters, but a whole story, thought up all on my own. Like, whoa, Pivotal Moment!

What genre do you like to write?
Victorian romance, of course! Er, no. Definitely YA. And I write both paranormal and contemporary. I can basically think up anything though, if you allow me to add a cute boy into the story.

What authors inspire you?
Jandy Nelson, Maggie Stiefvater, Suzanne Collins, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, JK Rowling, Lucy Christopher, Kristin Cashore, Heidi Kling, Melissa Marr, Carrie Ryan, Melina Marchetta... I think the better question is, what authors don't inspire me! I think they're all crazy wonderful.

How often do you write?
Oh man. I'm lucky enough (hah!) to be a junior this year, and it's proved to be my hardest yet. Basically whenever I'm not studying or doing homework (HAH!) or trying to catch up on my TBR pile, I'm writing. Which is, really, not very often lately. During the weekends though, I'm all over it like Nutella on bread! (yum)

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
Pantserrrrr. I tried plotting once and ahem it didn't turn out too hot. I cannot function under an outline without going crazy. Even if I just spent hours working on the outline, by the time I'm finished I'll be so sick of my ideas that I have to writing something from the seatz of me pantz, or else I just sit there and cry. And I'm a dramatic crier. You don't want me to cry.

Where do you write best, and do you listen to music while you write?
Music is a hugely important thing in my life; I honestly cannot focus without it. Anytime I write I've always got something playing, whether it be a song that fits the mood, or one that pulls me out of my I-can't-think-of-anything-I-suck-at-writing-GAH depression. :P Or, you know, I just like the song.

As for where I work, I really only ever write sitting at the end of my bed. One, because I tend to write at night; insomnia is good for one thing, at least. Two, my charger is plugged in near there and I spend so much time staring at the computer, feeling frustrated, that if I didn't have it charging, it world die before I got two words down. Yes, I am that good. *headdesk*

What is on your TBR pile?
So. Insanely. Much. I'm a Gateway Reader Selector, so I've been working my way through the 26 books on the list and rating them. I also have this problem where I have to enter a bookstore, and then buy a minimum of two books. I've got quite a few that I've bought but haven't read yet. That's prob why I have no money... dang.

If Stephanie Meyer and JK Rowling got in a cat fight, who would win?
I'm sorry Meyer fans, but I think JK Rowling, hands down. She's one classy lady, but I think if she had to, she could make one mega-brawl go down. Also, I'd just like to add that if you were to arrange such an event, I'd totally pay for front row seats.

What is your “day” job?
Ugh, highschool. (Blarghskdjf!) Does that count? I'm still looking for a job-job, but right now I also babysit.

What can you not leave home without? (cell phones are off limits- NO ONE can leave home without one of those)
Keys. Walking is good for the environment and all, but I hate getting out of bed, let alone moving. So I can't leave without my car keys, yo. Haha, I also have to have my iPod.

Mac or PC?
I've never had a Mac, but when I was in Journalism, the Mac computers kind of confused me. So PC FTW!

Favorite dessert?
Strawberry ice-cream. OhmygoodnessDELISH. Any kind of ice-cream, really. I just really, extremely love it.

Favorite desert?
Yeah, I didn't do very well when I studied geography. Um, what about the Sahara Desert? It is quite ginormous.

Where is your dream vacation?
Ooh, I'm not picky! I'll go anywhere. Unless they have huge, man-eating, furry, fang loaded, green-eyed spiders. Those scare me. However, I'd love to backpack through Europe. Europe's cool.

Finally, link us to your website, blog, fb, twitter and anything else you might like to shamelessly plug for yourself
Shameless plugs? Those are my favorite!
Twitter: @maggiesmoment

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Abby! I had a ton of fun. <33


Colene Murphy said...

Maggie is so kick ass. Great interview!

Sam said...

-grins- I love Maggie. Great interview on both ends. :P

Anonymous said...

This was a great interview! Thanks for introducing me to Maggie and her blog.

Maggie said...

(It pains me to see all of the spelling errors I made while answering these. Sigh.)

Now I feel all warm&fuzzy inside. Thanks for having me! :D

Abby Minard said...

Oh no Maggie! I did a spellcheck, but maybe it didn't catch everything. You're still awesome. I didn't see very many spelling erros anyway.

Thanks for the comments guys! I love doing these interviews! If you see this, and you are an aspiring author, please email me! I'd love to interview you! I'm sure I'll get around to you eventually anyway, I'm always searching for new aspiring authors to stalk.

Jennie Bailey said...

Blogger is failing me this morning. I apologize if this ends up on your comments twice...
Thank you for introducing us to Maggie! GREAT interview! (also, I loved the interview with you over at Colene's blog) I'm on my way over to check out Maggie's blog now.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

YAY Maggie! She's an awesome teen and I'm glad I can claim her! And when she's famous she better thank her YA librarian and come do library visits and all;)