Friday, November 11, 2011

STRING BRIDGE Chart Rush! Get a free copy of the album with purchase of the book!

Hello all of my bloggy friends!  I am crawling out from under my edits (and crazy life, for that matter) to promote my good friend Jessica Bell's new book STRING BRIDGE!

Here are a couple sweet things you need to know about Jessica and just how cool she is:
She's Australian- need I say more?
She lives in Greece- um, SO romantic!
Not only does she write books, she also composes and performs her own music!
She writes Women's Fiction which is a nice compliment to YA when you are itching for something with a little bit older themes.

Scroll down to read some reviews and click on the links to read more about the book.  Plus if you buy the book TODAY, she'll email you the link to download the whole album for free!  You won't be disappointed with this one!

Today is THE day to help Jessica Bell's debut, STRING BRIDGE, hit
the bestseller list on Amazon, and receive the all-original soundtrackMelody Hill: On the Other Sidewritten and performed by the author herself, for free!

All you have to do is
purchase the book today (paperback, or eBook), November 11th, and
then email the receipt to:


She will then email you a link to download the album at no extra cost!

To purchase the paperback:

To purchase the eBook:

To listen to samples of the soundtrack, visit iTunes.

If you are
not familiar with String Bridge,
check out the book trailer:

Rave Reviews for String Bridge:

Jessica Bell’s STRING BRIDGE strummed the fret of my
veins, thrummed my blood into a mad rush, played me taut until the final page,
yet with echoes still reverberating. A rhythmic debut with metrical tones of
heavied dark, fleeting prisms of light, and finally, a burst of joy—just as
with any good song, my hopeful heartbeat kept tempo with Bell’s narrative.
~ Kathryn Magendie, author of Sweetie and Publishing Editor of Rose & Thorn Journal

“Poet and
musician Jessica Bell's debut novel String Bridge
is a rich exploration of desire, guilt, and the
difficult balancing act of the modern woman. The writing is lyrical throughout,
seamlessly integrating setting, character and plot in a musical structure that
allows the reader to identify with Melody's growing insecurity as her world
begins to unravel …
String Bridge is
a powerful debut from a promising writer, full of music, metaphor, and just a
hint of magic.” ~ Magdalena Ball, author of Repulsion
and Sleep Before Evening

Jessica Bell is a brilliant writer
of great skill and depth.
She doesn't pull back from the difficult
scenes, from conflict, pain, intensity. She puts it all out there, no holds
barred, no holding back. She knows how to craft a scene, how to develop
character, how to create suspense. This is an absolutely brilliant debut novel.
I look forward to reading her
next novel, and next and next.” 
~ Karen Jones
Gowen, author of Farm Girl, Uncut Diamonds and House of Diamonds

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Jessica Bell said...

Thank you so so much for posting this today! And um ... nah, you can keep thinking Greece is romantic ;o)

Matthew MacNish said...

Jess is the very best. Thanks for helping her out, Abby!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah for Jessica!
And good to hear from you, Abby.

M Pax said...

Hi, Abby! String Bridge is a great read. :)