Monday, February 6, 2012

Damn You Autocorrect!

So I recently acquired the Hubs' old iphone.  My very first smartphone ever- I'm finally up with the times!  Sorta...I mean it's not one of those 4s or g's or h's or whatever the newest one is.  But's pretty exciting.

Whenever I'd see the funny autocorrect websites I always told myself, I would ALWAYS proofread my texts and NEVER send something like that!  How could you not catch that??  I would get a huge laugh at others' expense knowing that would never happen to me.

Well.  It did.

I had my first experience in which the autocorrect got the best of me.

I'll just say, it's not as bad as some of those on the website, thank goodness.  But it's still pretty funny.  I gave Hubs a hard time because that word SOMEHOW made it into the little dictionary bank or whatever the phone uses to correct misspelled words.

So here is our conversation:

Me: Did you get a text about going out to Hinode with Josh and Corey?
Hubs: Yep.
Me: What would you want to eat?  They will order it for us.  It's the kinky way they can sit now and still save seats for us.
Hubs: ?
Me: Only, not kinky!

So yeah...gettin' down with our kinky selves at Hinode.

I've officially been initiated into the Damn You Autocorrect club.

But really it's not as bad as that same friend who had texted Hubs earlier about going out to eat at Homosexuality.

Do you all have any funny autocorrect stories?


April Plummer said...

Too funny! Have you seen the website - If you want to sit and laugh for...well, as long as you have the time to sit there and laugh, this is a great website.

I want to be sat in a kinky way! LOL...maybe. Not in public though. :)

I don't have any funny autocorrect stories myself, unfortunately. But I'm glad you shared yours with us. There is almost no better way to start a Monday!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

What word was it trying to correct for your husband that it came up with that???

Meredith said...

Haha, that made me laugh out loud! I just bought an iPhone, and I'm terrified I'm going to have one of those autocorrect horror stories!

Kristin Rae said...

Hilarious! Autocorrect seriously does the weirdest things. Sometimes it seems to make up nonsense words and stick them in just for fun. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but it happens all the time. :) #annoying

Althea said...

Haha! Fail! I accidentally told someone I as going to eat Sweet and Sour Children!! x

Colene Murphy said...

Dude...I was gonna say "I want to know how to sit and eat dinner kinkily!" only scenarios were no good. NO BUENO man...Hahaha! That made me lol!

Southpaw said...

Darn ol' autocorrect! It is pretty funny though.

Jo Schaffer said...

HAHAH! I love reading auto correct snafus. Cracks me up!

Talli Roland said...

Haha! The kinky way - I was wondering what you meant by that!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Haha! Welcome to the club! I have way too many autocorrect stories. Thankfully it only happens with my friends and not someone I deal with professionally (I WOULD DIE).

Congrats on the smart phone!

Lydia Kang said...

Oh boy, I have had some awful autocorrect problems (and why is it that the iPhone autocorrects to R-rated words? Huh?)

The Kid In The Front Row said...

It's a conspiracy. Apple's way of trying to ruin our lives!

Jennie Bailey said...

I love autocorrect because I don't have an iPhone. I keep my old school phone. :-) But I have had some good laughs when friends or the hubster text me and it autocorrects. I think it's Apples way of keeping a little laughter in our lives.

Rachel Morgan said...

I don't think I can beat that! The closest thing to funny I got today was a text from boyfriend saying "Potatoe is all booked :(" Yeah, Potatoe is actually Piatto, and clearly we're not going there for Valentine's dinner tomorrow!