Monday, March 21, 2011

Please Vote for GreenBeanTeenQueen!

Hello my lovely bloggy buddies!  This is a special month, because my VERY good friend Sarah Bean Thompson (aka the GreenBeanTeenQueen) is running for a spot on the 2013 ALA Printz committee.

(If you don't know what that is, it's a group of librarians selected to read and select new YA books to win the Printz award.  It's a huge deal to get your book on the nominee list.) You can read more about it here.

I'm sorry to say you have to be a member of ALA or YALSA to vote, so I will not be able to vote for her.  But if you are a member or know someone that is, please pass her name on!  I know you guys have wonderful connections, and give wonderful support to your fellow bloggers! (that is why I love you so much!)

She is a WONDERFUL teen librarian.  She is really dedicated to her teens, and they can attest to that.  I know some of them run in the same blog circles as us, and they have nothing but good things to say about her.  And dudes, she has pink streaks in her hair.  Which is SO totally awesome.

Here is her platform from her facebook page:

"My name is Sarah and I currently work as a teen librarian. I also blog at GreenBeanTeenQueen. I love YA and being elected to the Printz committee would be a librarian dream come true! I have had an article on book blogs as well as a Teen Read Week Booklist published in VOYA and I've presented workshops on tween and teen lit and reader's advisory. I currently serve on the Fabulous Films Committee for Young Adults and the Gateway Award (Missouri State High School Book Award). 

I believe that the Printz Award is an award that all YA librarians and teens can be proud of. The books selected for this award should be books that adults and teens will read and discuss. They should represent the best of YA and be books that teen librarians can pick up and say "this is why I love YA and why I do what I do." 

Check out my blog, read my reviews, and feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I'd love your vote!!

Voting is open only to ALA/YALSA members, so please share with your librarian!!"

What I love about her book reviewing, is that if she doesn't like a book, she never hesitates to mention that even though the book wasn't for her, that doesn't mean someone else won't like it.  She encourages everyone to read the book for themselves and see what they think.  

Sarah would make a wonderful addition to the Printz committee, so please think of voting for her or telling your librarians to vote for her!

Voting ends April 22.  

Oh and don't forget to "like" her facebook page!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I can't vote either but I wish Sarah luck!

Colene Murphy said...

Awe nards! I wish I could vote for her! She really is AWESOME!! Good luck to Sarah!!

David Powers King said...

Well that sounds all very exciting. The Best of luck to Sarah! :)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Thanks all! I'm glad you would vote for me if you could-I'll keep everyone posted on if I make it!:)

Angela Felsted said...

How nice of you to look out for your friend like that.

Jennie Bailey said...

LOVE her hair!! I wish I could pull off hair like that, but I'm not "cool" enough. I can't vote for her because I'm not a member, but fingers crossed she makes it!

Jennifer Hillier said...

Good luck Sarah! Wish I could vote.

(And I just LOVE her hair)

Melissa said...

I TOTALLY love her hair! I love colored streaks!!! I can't vote but I wish her all the best! I'm defs going to go check out her blog!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could vote. I love her blog.

Talli Roland said...

Good luck Sarah! She sounds fantastic!

Donea Lee said...

Such a nice shout out for a friend ~ :) I'm not a member either, so can't vote. But, I wish her the best of luck!

Rachel Morgan said...

The pink streaks are super cool!
*secretly wants*