Monday, October 11, 2010

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This weekend we went to the pumpkin patch!  It's a tradition we do every year with my family, and we go to the same pumpkin patch/orchard to pick our own pumpkin.  It was a little warm (okay, I sweated my pumpkins off) but we still had a lot of fun.  We took a hay ride out to the patch:

 And then proceeded to look for the BIGGEST PUMPKIN EVER (and of course it had to be in the BACK of the pumpkin patch).  Little Monster wanted a big one, so naturally we found two.  Hubsies then proceeded to break his back carrying those two pumpkins all the way back to the tractor.  I think it was literally a mile.


After approximately 10 hours out in the patch (I think I lost 10 pounds just from sweat), we made it back to the hayride.  Thankfully, our hayride had gone already (actually I think 3 had come and gone by the time we were done) and there was a covered wagon type thing in its place.  It didn't have any hay, but it had a roof, which was awesome.  So we rode back to the front to pay for our pumpkins.

Little Monster with her baby cousin
  Then we proceeded to take 10 million pictures of the kids in front of the pumpkins.  Then the kids in front of the wagon wheels.  Then in front of the gourds.  Then in front another wheel.  Oh, and don't forget Grandma and Grandpa.  Then various mommies and daddies.  Oh, and then the sisters.  Ooh, don't forget the bigger cousins together.  So FINALLY, we were ready to...

Buy some apples.  But the long line was totally worth it because they have the BEST apples ever.  And they  make this slushy apple cider YUM.  Oh, and their pumpkin pie was delish.  And their kettlecorn of course.  And, I think hubs tried the caramel apple too. 

So, after a long day of hayrides, pumpkin pickin' and pictures, were were FINALLY ready to...

see the teeny piglets.

So...that one with the white stripe was totally trying to suckle the one in the back.  Poor Browny was screaming it's head off while Stripey was nipping at him.  But he didn't do anything to get him to stop.  He just let him do it, and continued to sound like he was pretty much dying.  Fight back man!  Stop the bullying!  Or dude, just run away.

Anyway, so we left the pigs to "play" (I wouldn't be surprised if later on, Stripey had put poor Browny's head on a stick and danced a tribal dance around him) and finally went home.

It was a great weekend, and we always have fun when we go.  We also picked up an awesome pukey-greenish color gourd thing so I can paint a zombie face from Plants vs Zombies on it.  Little Monster is SO excited about that.

Now we just need to find time to carry on the tradition of mutilating our pumpkins and scooping the guts out.  Happy Fall!


Colene Murphy said...

Cute! And fun! I want to start that tradition when I have kids, pumkin' patching.

Likin the new layout too! I almost thought I went to the wrong link!

Anonymous said...

This looks like fun! I used to live in New England, and miss the similar fall traditions we had up there. Being that the only marker of fall in Florida is the temperature making the move from Stiflingly Hot to Somewhat Less Hot, they're not as into the seasonal festivities.

Thanks for sharing your photos!

mom said...

How did you lose weight while I gained that day!

justin said...

Do not let Sooner eat any of the pumpkin guts.

I repeat, do not let that happen.

Oh and the Plants vs Zombies thing is awesome.

Abby Minard said...

Colene- I had to change the layout so I could fit that blog award on it. For some reason my other one wasn't accepting it, so I changed it.

Kelly- OMG, you used to live in New England? Oh, I love it there. I used to live in New Jersey when I was little and loved going up there in the fall.

Lol mom, I'm sure I canceled out the weight loss with some gaining too.

Justin- thanks for the tip. I'll post pics of the zombie when we do it.

Anne said...

We did pumpkin farming Saturday followed by corn mazing Sunday. It was warm but in my opinion that's 100% better than freezing!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I need to do a little bit of pumpkin searching myself next weekend. Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect apple cider... the kind with the warning label on it because it doesn't have any preservatives. Good times!

Stewart Sternberg said...

Outstanding pics. Now this is a family that knows how to have fun. There is nothing better than this time of year.

Jennie Bailey said...

What a fun day! And those pumpkins are HUGE! I worked a pumpkin patch one year for charity and a ten year old boy took his time picking out the biggest pumpkin he could find (it wasn't quite THAT big, though). When he came up to pay for it, I said, "That's a monster!" He said, "It's not a monster. It's just misunderstood." Too cute! I wish I had children to go pumpkin hunting with. I borrow my nephew every year instead. And those piglets are so adorable!

Abby Minard said...

Anne- you are so right- I would rather have it be warmer than cold. I love corn mazes! Hopefully we can get out to one this year.

Angela- I know what you mean about the perfect apple cider. I hope you find some!

Stewart- We always have fun together- thanks for reading! I LOVE the fall.

Jennie- That is SO cute! My sister borrowed Little Monster before she had her own. Totally awesome she did that btw, and she LOVES her aunt :)

j_minard said...

Sorry this is late, but nice Buffy reference under the picture of me carrying those pumpkins while LM was telling me to keep up.