Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Word Count Wednesday And Contest/Giveaway!

First things first:  My total word count for NaNo is 15,288.  It doesn't seem like much, but 15,000 words in less than a month  is pretty huge for me.  As most of you know, I am using NaNo not to write a whole new novel, but to finish the one I am working on.  And guess what?

Now for the Happy News I hinted to in my last post:


Yep, the total word count for my novel is 94,844 words- about 312 pages.  So even though NaNo won't officially recognize me as "winning", I totally won on a different level.  I accomplished something I never thought I could do.  Something that was just an idea almost 2 years ago.  Something that has become my passion since- something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. 

And honestly I couldn't have done it without the support of my husbsies, family, friends and my new online friends and crit partners!  Everyone is so encouraging and supportive of my ventures, that even though sometimes I wanted to quit, I thought of them and it kept me going.  (Okay seriously, I'm not published yet...jumping the gun a little on the dedication part ;p)

Of course this is only the beginning of a whole new journey: editing.  I've got both my crit partner's edit suggestions- which by-the-way, are totally awesome.  Colene and Andy are the best, and see things that I miss and I'm all like, *facepalm* when I see it. 

***SO, in celebration of finishing my novel, AND of almost making it to 100 followers, and of seeing how many commas I can use in a sentence, I'm going to have a contest/giveaway/HP prize thingy! 

And, in honor if it being Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows mania, I'm giving away a copy of The Socerers Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter by Allan Zola Kronzek
Everything you ever wanted to know about the magic and mythology of Harry Potter all in one book!  It has awesome facts like where wands originated from, who wore the first invisibilty cloak, and what a grindylow really is.  You can look up just about anything from all 7 Harry Potter books, and learn where all these myths and folklores came from!

So, all you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite scenes from any of the Harry Potter books or movies!  And here's the cool thing- more comments equal more entries into the contest!  So leave as many as you want with all your favorite tidbits and adventures from Harry Potter!  This contest will end December 10, so get those entries in!

**If you didn't like Harry Potter- you can still enter!  Just tell me your favorite book, and if you win, I'll send you a gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon!

AND there are a couple of my favorite people doing contests right now too:
Colene over at The Journey- bad one liners, make 'em stink people!  That's all you gotta do for a super gift card!
Donea Lee over at Queen of Procrastination- all about the blogging and commenting for entries for gift cards and ornaments!
Fantasy and Sci Fi Lovin News - pick a book you would like to win out of this awesome list of books!
Kiersten White is giving away a copy of a signed ARC of Supernaturally to one lucky winner- all you have to do is donate to a good cause!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American buds out there!  And if you aren't from the 'ol US, go ahead, eat a turkey...because you love me :)

And tell me how you are doing with NaNo! The end is near, are you going to win?


Donea Lee said...

Hi Abby - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Isn't it soo wonderful to have that first draft done, done and done??! And wow - impressive word count. None of mine can seem to squeak much past 65,000 words, lol. And Nano? Well...I'm a little past 16,000, which is good for me, too.

Awesome contest - I'd love to have that book! (also - thanks for plugging my little giveaway - :))

I'll comment on the new movie - not sure if I can pick a favorite scene. Truly, I thought the entire movie was fantastic!! So - I'll pick one that really hit me as a mother, right at the beginning when Hermione put the "Obliviate" spell on her sad. I can only imagine how hard that would be...

Thanks for the contest, congrats again on your finished wip, and happy T-day! Hope you have a fabulous one!! :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on finishing! Woo-hoo! That's just awesome! And the new movie? AWE.SOME. Frickin' loved it!

Colene Murphy said...

Yeay for finishing!!!

Thanks so much for all the lovely shout outs! I think you are awesome and so glad to have you as a crit partner!

And how do I not know about this book!? Umm I love all the interactions with the twins. When they stuck it to Umbridge=priceless.

I love when Harry was all Shazaam! (not spoiling it for anyone but you know...!)

But my favorite parts of all time are in the first book when Harry comments on how Dudley looks like a pig in a wig. Why this cracked me up so completely, I have no idea but it was the line that actually got me into those books.

AND where Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix squared off and she was bad ass with "not my daughter you b!tch!" Ugh. Got chills. Okay. I'm done..

Awesome contest!!

Melissa said...

COngratulations on finishing! That is absolutely epic! I'm so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, the exclamations just don't seem like enough!

AND what a cool prize! I have so many favorite moments... I can't pick... I'll need to come back later.

My head is full with your success!

Library Gal said...

I'm sooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats on finishing!!

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

Congrats Abby! That's a mighty feat.

Well done :)

justin said...

I like all the parts where Dobby is awesome.

Does that count?

Oh and gratz, love the use of the *facepalm* in the post. Your nerd hubsters really is rubbing off on you!

alexia said...

Congrats on finishing your book! Doesn't it feel awesome? And as a working mother, you should give yourself an extra pat on the back (read: glass of wine, bar of chocolate, etc).

erica and christy said...

I'm hopefully, hopefully getting done with (4th round? 5th round? can't remember) edits tonight. Thanks for reminding me that one day, way back when, I was so happy to think "it's finished." I can't wait to finish the next one!!

And I've only read the last HP book (haven't seen the movie yet), but my son and I have watched the first 6 movies tons of times. I like Goblet of Fire the best, but I've never been able to pinpoint why. But my favorite scene overall is probably the "Eat slugs" spell-gone-bad on Ron - cracks me up every time.

And remember - tons and tons of Nano books will never see the light of day. You're already a winner!

Anne said...

Congrats on finishing the draft!!

I love every scene with Luna Lovegood. She may be one of my favorites!

Kulsuma said...

Oooh, wicked awesome giveaway! Please count me in if it's international?

I am a Harry Potter fan!!!=)

1) The part when Ginny puts her elbow in the butter when she sees Harry in the summer of book two! Aw.

2) When Hermione SLAPS Draco in book 3. In the movie, she punches him lol.

3) The entire graveyard scene in book 4. Now that was scary and heart pounding.

4) When Harry finds out who the imposter is in book 4! Eek! I did not see that one coming!:)

5) When Lockhart tries to fix Harry's broken arm in book 2 after the Quidditch match but makes it infinitely worse haha!

6) Lockhart and Snape's 'duel' in book 2.

7) When we find out just how much Snape really loved Lily in the 'Prince's Tale'. That chapter is one of my favourites:'< (book 7)

8) When Dumbledore is begging Harry to not give him the potion anymore but Harry still has to. It was one of those situations where you don't have a choice. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. (Book 6)

9) When Harry, Ron and Hermione are 'de-gnoming' the garden in book 2.

10) When Harry thinks he's going to be punished by 'Wood' for flying on his broomstick, but it turns out he's going to be a seeker:)-book 1

11) When Harry blows up Aunt Marge! Okay, who didn't like that bit? -book 3

12) A really sad part was when SPOILER!(d***y dies:'( I blame Harry for that! I still like the emotion that that scene caused-book 7

13) When Harry *sees* his parents, Sirius and Lupin around him when he's in the forest just before the second to last face off! -book 7

14) The marauder's map! I want one!- book 3

15) When Hagrid has Norbert the dragon and they're all arguing over whether he should keep it. Particularly the lines 'He knows his mummy!'-Hagrid, and 'Hagrid, you leave in a WOODEN house!'-Hermione. Cracks me up every time. Also, when Norbert bites Ron=)

16) Luna Lovegood= kickass. I love how she doesn't give a damn about what other people think of her. (I would've accepted Harry+Luna over Harry+Ginny!) -books 5-7

17) The part where Ron is trying to find a date to the Yule ball and says to Hermione 'Hermione, you're a girl' and then she says something like 'You only noticed after all these years?' -book 4

Okay, I think I'll stop here. There are soooo many more wonderful scenes. I may have to come back.

Kulsuma said...

*live, not leave

Lisa said...

Pick a favorite HP scene? This is hard... okay, I'll just stick with the most recent movie:

The scene where Ron destroys the locket horcrux.

Or in the last book:

The entire "Prince's Tale" chapter

Or... okay, must stop now or I'll just be reciting the entire book to you :)

Congrats on finishing, too! That's amazing (and I'm very jealous of your word count!).

Jennie Bailey said...

What a great contest!! Oooooh, I'm trying to remember some favorite Potter things...When Harry frees Dobby! When Harry finds the potions book, wins the serium and Hermoine just can't stand that A) she didn't win and B) that he cheated. I also love love love the Weasley twins. It's so sad that there isn't enough of them in the movies.

Sam said...

And, oh, god, how do you pick a favorite?
I'm cliche.
I like Draco getting slapped by Hermione.
When Harry and Ginny are dating in book six and talking about how Ginny told the other girls he had a tattoo.
-ponders- From the most recent movie? Umm. I really liked when Ron came out and stopped Harry from leaving. It was very cool.

Shonda said...

Congrats on finishing :) I cant wait to read it :) My favorite scene is the one that makes me smile the most which is: the quidditch match after Harry fake gives Ron the good luck potion... The slow frames are the best :)

Jules Ausborn said...

What a fabulous opportunity! I love the contest!! Yay!!

Wow favorite scene?! There are so many!!!

I love Ron and Harry's fights, it just shows how strong their friendships are.

I love Hermione ad Ron, when it hits them they like one another!

I love how many guys Ginny goes through! It's hilarious how it affects everyone.

Luna and Harry with the thestrals is another!!!


gideon 86 said...

Hi Abby,

I know I'm a new follower, but Congrats on finishing. I, too, am a huge HP fan. I was recently at Wizarding World in Florida, and I had a blast. I posted many pics if you have a free moment stop over and say "Hi." I am also having a huge Blogfest giveaway on Saturday. I hope you can make it!

MY absolute favorite scene is when Harry an the others are sailing across the lake and see Howarts for the first time in the Sorcerer's Stone movie.

I hope to see you at my blog.


lotusgirl said...

One of my favorite scenes in the books is when Fred and George create the swamp and fireworks, etc. that interrupts the OWLs and puts catty old Umbridge in her place. I love how a section of the swamp was preserved as a memorial to their genius.

Wendy aka Quillfeather said...

My favourite scene in both the movies and the books, is where Snape sweeps into the dungeon and says: 'You can ensnare the senses, bottle fame and even put a stopper in death'.

Something like that anyway ...

PS. I'd so love to win that book. Just saying :)

Melissa said...

OKay... favorite moments....

1) Umbridge's interview with Snape!

2) All the flashbacks in deathly hallows of Snapes life

3) In Prisoner of Azkaban all the scenes with him learning how to cast the Patronus.

4) When Harry found out his dad wrote the Marauders map.

5) When Ron kills the necklace horcrux even though it shows him Harry/Hermione kissing. Yay Ron for overcoming your jealousy.

6) Sirius telling Harry that there's light and dark in everyone. (Always loved Sirius!)And He gave Harry the two-way mirror. SOmething so sweet about that!

7) When Harry dies and is having a conversation with Dumbledore at the train station.

Can I just say that I loved everything and have it count as an entry? ;)

Lydia K said...

Congrats on finishing! That's wonderful!
Hmm, I have so many favorite scenes. I loved it when Harry had his first shopping spree in Diagon Alley. Who doesn't like shopping with money you never knew you had?

I would LOVE that book for me and my son! Love it!