Monday, November 1, 2010

And So It Begins: NaNoFINmo

Today kicks off NaNoWriMO (National Novel Writing Month).  But for me, it's National Novel Finishing Month.  I am using the encouragement of NaNo to help me finish my own novel.  I don't have much left on it, so I thought I'd use NaNo as an opportunity to Get.It.Done. 

As Hubsies would say: "Rule 76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion"

So.  I went ahead and signed up.  My username is abbyminard.  (I have one from last year, but after a million attempts at trying to sign up, I just created a new one)  Look me up so we can be buddies.  Or you can comment on here and give me your username and I'll look you up and we can be buddies.

If I'm really going to dedicate time to this thing, my blog may be a bit sporadic (favroite word, btw).  But I am going to try to update and all that jazz as NaNo plunges on.  Don't quote me on that- I have no idea what will happen this month.  I may blog every day instead of writing my book.  I may write my book every day instead of blogging.  I may throw my computer out the window.  Or just crawl under the covers and weep for a while. 

So seriously. No promises.  Okay maybe just one: I promise to try. I need to stay sane though, and not get picked up by child services for neglecting my child.  So, leave me your username so I can find you, and Let the Games Begin!


Lisa said...

I just added you! Good luck with NaNo!

Colene Murphy said...

Good luck! I know you can make it! Finish that thang!

Melissa said...

My username MelissaWideen
I'm adding you after I finish this comment. I think we're all in the same boat with NaNo so the blog world itself may be a bit sketchy this month!

I like the weeping option... I may be doing that in a week or so. I'm basically doing the same as you - finishing my novel but I need a little over 50K (based on calculations I did) to finish so... I've smashed the two together.

What are rules 1-75?

Kristal Shaff said...

My user name is Miss Java on the NaNo site.

And YEAH on the trying! Even if you don't succeed, try try again. I'll be doing the NaNoFinMo too.

Regina said...

I'm not participating but will cheer you on. Good Luck and best wishes. All you can do is try.

Abby Minard said...

Lisa- Thanks- you too!

Thanks Colene :)

Melissa- good luck! It's from Wedding Crashers- I don't know rules 1-75. I think they have them on a website. But they talk about Rule 76 and if you google it, I think it has it's own website ;p

Kristal- I'll find you! Good luck to you too!

Regina- thanks!

Donea Lee said...

Hi Abby - yeah, I've been trying to sign in all day and nothing... but, I'll keep trying! Intended user name is "Donea Lee", if I can make it work.

Best of luck to you!! Finishing is always the most gratifying part - so keeping my fingers crossed that November is uber productive for you ~ :)

Lydia Kang said...

Hey, good luck! I hope you reach your goal successfully!

Abby Minard said...

Donea- yeah, it's been SO slow, it's driving me crazy! I'll try to find you on there.

Thanks Lydia!

Andy said...

You can do it Abby! Just remember "Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure." That is what I keep telling myself

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll add you - and I'm AlexJCavanaugh, all one word.
Let's both finish a novel this month!

Abby Minard said...

Thanks Andy- just beat me over the head with my future novel- that should do the trick

Alex- yay! We can do this!!