Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Writing Schedule

I figured, if I write down a schedule on here, then I have to stick to it right?  Because the internet's always right.

So, here is my weekly schedule I'm trying to hash out.  So far I followed it pretty well on Monday with a few setbacks since I got off work a little later than normal.

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays:
7:30am-12:30pm: Work at the "day job"
1-1:30: Walk the dog and eat lunch
1:30-3:10: WRITE
3:10-3:45: Pick Little Monster up from school (I KNOW, I sit there for like, 10 years.  When it's nice out, I walk and it cuts out a lot of that waiting time)
4-6: Catch up on blogs, emails, internet schtuff, etc all the while entertaining Little Monster (Thursdays is gymnastics at 4:30-6 but luckily the Y has internet etc)
6-8:30: Dinner, relax and watch some tv or read, get Little Monster ready for bed
8:30-9:30: Get myself ready for bed, sit in bed and read crit partners ms, go to sleep.

7:30-5:30: WORK for 10 hours straight at the "day job"
6pm: die (and then get Mcdonalds for Little Monster who has been at the babysitters since school let out)
7:30-8:30: Little Monster bed routine
8:30-?: WRITE, blogs, read, catch up on shows till I can barely keep my eyes open (I'm off on Wednesdays)

7-8: "Sleep in", get Little Monster ready for school
8-8:30: Drop Little Monster off at school
8:45-10: write lets be honest- go back to bed
10-12: WRITE
12-1: eat, walk the dog
1-3:10: WRITE, blogs, internet blah blah
3:10-3:45: pick up Little Monster
Same 'ol same 'ol

Saturdays and Sundays:
Clean the pig sty house
Hang out with Little Monster
Catch up on blogs

Doesn't seem like much time to write when I put it all down, but at least it's something!

So you may be wondering, isn't there a husband in there somewhere?  Erm, I think so.  He's basically MIA until after Christmas since he's like Uber-"Customer Solutions Manager" of a HUGE chain store.  10 hour days, 6 days a week.  He takes Little Monster to school in the mornings, and then he doesn't come home till like, midnight.  So yeah.  Christmas season is AWESOME.  I wonder if I'll remember what he looks like in two months?

Oh, BUT we both have the 19th off together!  And you know what that means? 

We get to be super cool and see Harry Potter at like 9:30am with all the old people who need those special ear thingies while Little Monster is in school!  But, it's totally opening day and we get to go!  Woohoo!  (old people see HP right?  I mean, if I was 80, I'd totally go.  I bet I'd have a thing for Dumbledore)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog- I'm going to do Word Count Wednesdays during November.  Post your word count tomorrow!


Colene Murphy said...

Sounds like such a busy schedule! But, youre right, at least there is writing in there every day!

Squee for the 19th!!

Jennie Bailey said...

It may not seem like much writing, but it will add up! Quickly too, I bet! That stinks that you don't get to see your husband much from now until Christmas. Very exciting that you have November 19th off. I had to laugh at the image of you in a crowded theater of grandma's. :-) And I love the idea of Word Count Wednesdays!!

Quinn said...

it's good that you got writing in there every day. I think having the chedule all typed out may be a good thing ... I know it helps me sometimes.

I'm jealous that you get to see Harry Potter on the 19th. It doesn't come out in Korea until December 16th. Sucks.

j_minard said...

Best. Schedule. Ever. I laughed out loud at 6pm on Tuesday and 8:45 on Wednesday.

Maybe I should add my picture to my google profile so you can at least see my smiling face when you check the comments on your blog.

Also, I am pretty uber.

Abby Minard said...

Colene- it's kinda iffy if I actually stick to it and write every day ;p I can't believe HP is almost here!!

Jennie- I hope it adds up! I think I'll cry when it's actually done!

Quinn- Bummer about HP!! I saw you say somewhere else you might fly home just for HP- you should really think about it.

J- Yes, I think a pic of you would help me recognize your face so I don't freak out when you come to bed at night ;p

alexia said...

Great schedule, Abby! The writing time will definitely add up and before you know it you'll have made major progress on your ms. I'm totally stoked about HP! I wish I could go to an early showing - I'd love to go to the first midnight one! I'll have to wait until after work though.

Amie Kaufman said...

Such a busy schedule! There's so much value in recording how you manage it all--it makes you aware of what you can/should be doing. And of course there's the accountability that comes with posting it.

I'd looooove to hit up the oldies showing of HP on its first day. If only!