Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bosses...Love them or Hate them?

Fortunately, I have the extreme pleasure of saying that I love my boss.  Of course, if I hated her, I probably wouldn't be doing a post about it.  Because she will probably read this.  And then I'd find out that my stash of skittles is actually a stash of laxatives....after I've eaten them all.

Anyway, not very many people can say that they truly love everything about their boss.  But seriously...she's awesome.  She's like my very own pseudo-mom down here (uh, I mean sister...). 

She has her own family, and her own problems to worry about, but she makes time for me and truly cares about me.  Recently, hubsies and I had to make a life-changing decision- boiled down, it was pretty much stay here or move away.  In the beginning I told him that we'd seriously have to stay because my boss would probably chain me to my office chair and not let me leave (we work in very close quarters- there are three of us, in a tiny office...all day...together- I'd probably start to smell after a while...).  She pretty much hinted at that when we were discussing this decision at work the other day.  I thought both of us would break down crying any minute, and I just had to leave before the water-works were turned on (don't tell her that I noticed she might cry...she's so totally tough, it's not even funny...but under that hard shell is really a warm, soft 

Anyway, so I had told her I would let her know our decision the next day, and of course with everything around me seeming to fall to pieces, I neglected to call her and tell her our decision.  She called me at home on a Saturday to find out what it was (we're staying, by-the-way).  I was so touched that she called me to see how everything was going, that I just had to write about it on my blog.  Now, you're probably saying, "Abby- she totally just wants you to stay because you are the best Interlibrary Loan Assistant ever, and the world of ILL would fall apart without you." Yes, of course it would.  But, I truly believe it's more than that. 

Here's why: if it was only because of the job, she wouldn't have gotten me this for my birthday:
(Okay, so I totally got rid of the picture she put in there- it was of much as I like to stare at myself occasionally...all day while I'm trying to write is a little distracting...I mean..seriously)

Plus, she gave me a huge bag of skittles (and a totally awesome coaster for the cupholder in my new car).  Does this lady know me, or what?  Anyone that knows me, knows I love candy.  Plus, those that know me intimately (well, before a week ago when I started this blog and announced to the world that I am trying to write a book...which might be a huge mistake now that I think about it..hello!  Expectations!) know that I have wanted to write a book for a long time.  She told me the minute she saw that in the store she HAD to get it for me.  A boss who doesn't care about me, and only cares about my work would not do that.

I really feel like I can tell her anything, and know that she has my best interest at heart.  I still love her even when she lectures me like a mom- like when she lectured me about posting things on facebook that are a little too personal or discloses my husband's location and the fact that I'm home alone or something (totally what my mom does), I still think she's awesome (just like my mom).

Anyway, before this post becomes a love letter to my boss (too late), I just wanted to say how much I appreciate her and all she does.  She is one of the hardest workers I know, and is so dedicated- not only to us and her job, but to her family and friends.  I'm am truly very happy to say how awesome she is, and that when the day comes for one of us to leave, an ark better be ready because the flood gates will open.

So... here's the big question- what should I put in that little frame??


j_minard said...

Man, I hope that I'm that awesome of a boss.

Abby Minard said...

You've always been that awesome boss :)

gabi said...

What a great story.

As for the frame, I'd leave it blank, to remind me of all the untapped potential of projects to come. :)

C.E. said...

Great story! Your boss sounds wonderful. My...4 bosses are all really great too. It's weird to like bosses..

You could put a little mirror in the frame. 2 reasons: then it wouldnt be like having a picture of yourself on your desk but would still be the same effect.

and B. its always handy to have a mirror for those pesky "checks" to make sure nothing embarrassing is going on in the facial region before having to talk to people.

Andy said...

I like gabi's idea to keep it empty, but once you get published I think you should put your book's cover art in it.

Abby Minard said...

Oooh, those are all great ideas!

Gabi- that's good- I like the idea of leaving it blank for myself to see the potential.

C.E.- LOVE the mirror idea. And then after I get published I can put my book's cover art in it like Andy said.

Thanks guys!