Sunday, September 26, 2010

OMG Stephanie Tanner Did Drugs??

So, do you guys remember the show, Full House?  Okay, who doesn't, right?  I was exactly the right age where TGIF and Full House were HUGE hits in my house.  Every Friday night my sister and I would just eat up the cheesy 90's sitcoms that took away an hour or so of our lives.

Stephanie was my favorite, since she was pretty much my age (maybe a year or two younger) and I wanted to be just like Jodie Sweetin (the actress who played Stephanie).  I checked out those thin little children's biography books from the library on her, and I think I may have written to get an autographed picture of her.

Good thing I kind of forgot about her after the show was finished, or else if I would have turned out just like her- I would have become addicted to meth, coke, alcohol, married to a cop while doing meth, partying and doing drugs while giving speeches about being sober to colleges, and then getting married and divorced for a second time with a horrible custody battle all before the age of 30.

No joke.

She totally opens up and in a very dramatic tell-all memoir (that probably could be turned into a totally awesome made-for-tv movie on Lifetime) that I am reading right now:

She lets loose everything about her life leading up to 2009.  She even had a relapse while she was writing the book about being totally screwed up on drugs.  I'm not completely finished with it yet (but I did flip through it and read several chapters here and there before I decided to check it out and read it completely) and I'm pretty sure she's completely sober right now.  Which is awesome since she has an adorable little baby girl.

Anyway, it's crazy the things you find out about these people you looked up to when you were younger.  Like, Christian Bale was my total first major celebrity crush back in 1992 ( I was 11) when he was in Newsies.  Then, he went off the radar for a while, and came back a total jerk.  So sad.

But then others turn out to be awesome, like this guy:

Brad Pitt has given away millions to charities, and he's only in his 40's!  He turned out to be one great guy (and it helps that he's totally hot too- oh, and I can say I have a link to him- he's from my town!  Way better than that Scroggins guy)- he's also got like, a million kids (half of which he adopted which is awesome in my book), and travels the world with them and his wife (and honestly, I really don't care how he got that wife...I'm not going to get into that here- we're being all happy and positive on this blog!) (but btw, I LOVE Angie if you want to know).

And I LOVED this guy when his show was on.  Don't know if you remember it (only if you lived in a cave in the 90's!)-

Will Smith is now a wonderful family man, action movie star, and all around great guy who also gives to a lot of great charities.  Sigh...look at him now:


So, I guess this is a message for you, child actors (um, there probably aren't any reading my blog right now....but I need to make some kind of point with this whole thing, right?) ahem...all those Miranda Cossgroves and Miley Cyruses and kid from Two and a Half Men- don't screw up.  We're watching you.


Colene Murphy said...

I loved TGIF!! OMG! Miss it. I would totally still watch it if those shows came back on. And yes.

Will Smith is droooooolable. omn nom nom.

I hate who the Olsen twins have become. they were so precious and sweet looking girls. Used to love some of their movies. Now they're weird and look like bag ladies. (though still raking in the $$ apparently) Great post. Needed a good flash back

Anonymous said...

TGIF!! I loved it! Loved the visit down memory lane! I'd stay up and watch TGIF on Fridays and then watch Saved by the Bell and Sweet Valley High on Saturday mornings... *sigh* Oh the memories!

Abby Minard said...

I know what you mean, Colene about the Olsen twins. Jodie Sweeten actually gives some kind of hint that they aren't too far from what she was going thrugh...they just hide it better or something.

Angela- I KNOW- I loved Saved By the Bell! Remember that one show that came on, California Dreams or something like that? It came on after Saved By the Bell I think. HA, they don't make 'em like that anymore...

Rhiannon Hart said...

Oh no not Stephanie!! That's just terrible. I had no idea.

Thanks for leaving your congratulations the other day too!

Abby Minard said...

Rhiannon- I know, I almost cried when I found out!

You will have to keep us posted as to when your book comes out in the states!

Kristin Rae said...

haha i was looking through your tags and saw Christian Bale so I just had to click!! LOVE Newsies!! Hubs and I bust out the soundtrack on road trips! "That's my cigar!" "You'll steal annodah!"

And I have a hard time looking at Brad Pitt the same--I'm team Jen so I just don't get it.... not. at. all.